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Holiday Car Ferry

This boat is inspired from ferries that allow people with their vehicles to go on islands for vacation, for example on Greek islands.
The ferry has 3 floors:
- the first one is for vehicles. There is room for 6 cars, a few motorcycles and bikes.
- passengers can access to the second floor using the stairs. On the second floor, there is a small restaurant composed of a barstool, 2 tables and 8 chairs. Passengers can buy draft beer, cocktails, sodas, pizza, cookies, chocolate and ice cream. Also on the second floor, there is the command cabin, with the pilot and co-pilot, computers, a map and security accessories (boeys, life jackets, etc.)
- on the 3rd floor, passengers can enjoy a solarium with a great view of the sea. This solarium has 4 standard and 3 luxury longchairs.
Both 3rd floor roofs (command cabin and solarium) can be easily removed to access to the second floor details.

We believe this lego set fits very well in the Lego City world. It has a lot of details, accesories. It is very to the real life ferries and is great to play with.

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