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Assembly Aircraft Company HT-613 Titan


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Salutations LEGO fans! Today we have a bit of a throwback for you, the AAC HT-613 Titan. Built as a multi-purpose heavy lifting platform, the Titan saw service in the Duplo Invasion, dropping Master Builders and their materials at the front lines. After service, old Titans went into several peacetime roles including freighter, firefighter, and even an airliner. This particular aircraft, chosen due to its relative lack of modification, has been repurposed to haul personnel and supplies to remote research stations in the Antarctic.

At just under 1700 bricks this is my largest, most detailed posted build yet. Sporting 6 composite engines, fully retractable landing gear, two cargo doors, space for minifigures and of cargo as well as little things like static wicks, antennas, uprights and exhaust ports present on real airplanes. As for the airframe itself, if you know planes like I do you might be able to tell that this was inspired by various Boeing products including the B-17, C-17, and 747. I consider the B-17 Flying Fortress to be one of the most beautiful planes ever built and I wanted my work to incorporate some of those esthetic elements. Lastly, your feedback is of high importance to me so please leave a comment, tell me anything you would like to see differently like a new color scheme or if you would like me to add something. I will try to respond to all comments so please say something even if you don't support and check out some of my other projects, just click the AAC tag.

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