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RC Monster Truck Toy


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Not all LEGO Technic models have to be big. There should also exist smaller models, that are affordable and suitable as gifts. However these models have to be exciting, and appealing, and have some functions. It is also very important that the smaller models have a lot of play value, and every aspect of such small models has to be carefully thought through. It is a different challenge to make small models, than making large complex models. It is like compressing a large file, or having to explain something in just a few words, instead of as many as you need. Then you have to think clearly and chose the words carefully.

Those of us that have kids are probably familiar with the small rewards that kids can choose from after a visit to the dentist, or something similar. I think that this could be such a LEGO Technic set.

About the model:

  • The small car can turn left or right if it is tilted to the sides. This is due to the angle that the front and back axles rotate at.
  • The car is constructed so that the angle that it can tilt is limited. This is done so that the wheels do not touch the mud guard.
  • I originally made the turning function of the car, and then made the car as small as possible on top of it.
  • I revived some old LEGO Technic figures for other models I created. Then I had the idea that this tiny car could be a RC toy for those figures, and created the remote control. This increased the play value of the set.

Why I made it:

One reason why I built this and the other models is that I enjoy the challenge of inventing compact functions, that are an integral part of the design, and sculpting models with them.

Another reason might also be that I have ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and have an endless need for creating something new, which is one of the trade marks of ADHD. The brain of people with ADHD is hardwired for novelty seeking, and repetitive, and routine tasks, are unrewarding and even painfully boring. Creating something new relieves me of that boredom. That is also the reason why I have completed 14 more models that I plan to submit here, and add to my profile ( JohannGB), as soon as they get approved. Creating these LEGO models has had my undivided attention for a while, or until I finished them. Now I will again continue to work on another project of a totally different nature. These LEGO models were kind of a distraction from that invention.

I built 9 LEGO Technic motorcycles to support a good cause. The other 5 models I built for my kids, and if we manage to earn some money, then the plan is to go on a vacation, and visit LEGOLAND.

I have involved my kids in this, since I believe that it is necessary to encourage them to pursue their dreams, and he best way to do that is to set an example. It is also always important to have something to look forward to in life.

Final words:

A great LEGO set should grab your attention, and it should be obvious from the moment you see it, that it is what you want.

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