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Wayne's World 1992

Hello Everyone.

Let me introduce to you, Wayne's World Set Idea, this is based on the movie Wayne's World from the year 1992. The set is showing from left to right, 3 parts that can be divided:

  • Wayne's house exterior and street.
  • Benjamin Vehicle.
  • Wayne's Vehicle.
  • Benjamin Oliver minifigure.
  • Russell minifigure.

  • Wayne's Basement and Wayne's World Logo.
  • Waynes Campbell minifigure.
  • Garth Algar minifigure.

  • Wayne's Garage.
  • Cassandra Wong minifigure. (Bass Guitar/Vocals)
  • George Foster minifigure. (Guitarist)
  • Anthony minifigure. (Drummer)
  • Marc Ferrari (Guitarist)
  • Terry
  • Alan
  • Phil

I consider Wayne's World a must-see movie since it is a cool presentation of rock and roll and friendship, I enjoyed every step of the build, and I loved the result. It has a great value for me, and I consider it to be important addition to the movie's sets.

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