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Mysterious Castle


Welcome to Mysterious Castle. This playable model offers lots of fun! Find all the secret recessess and entrances to the Castle. Create your own history of the Castle residents!

This model includes:

  • undergrounds with basement for food stores and separate crypt for Vlad, the Vampire
  • ground floor with laboratory of two crazy Scientists, main but closed entrance gate and three entresols: anterior with balcony and one of the side entrance to the Castle, side with Fi's bedroom and rear with cell and balcony for the castle defender
  • second floor with Frank's quiet room and Q-K's bedroom
  • last floor with Yaga's room for experiments
  • two secret entrances to the Castle
  • smaller and greater secret hiding places
  • one of the side wall that can be opened giving better access to the inside
  • floor of the ground floor that can be easily removed to get to the undergrounds

There are 13 minifigures:

  • Vlad, the oldest resident of the castle, living mainly underground
  • Yaga - be aware of her unique skills to provoke explosions
  • Frank who prefers quiet nights, comfy armchair and books
  • Q-K, lovely girl addicted to cookies
  • Fi, shy boy addicted to the smell of... smoked fish
  • Quark & Squark, crazy scientists trying to discover, well, the Discovery of Their Lives
  • An, Bo & C, three defenders of the castle, armed with swords and arch
  • Skeleton... who knows who it was
  • Ghost One and Ghost Two, they like to hide somewhere in the recesses of the castle

Try to guess who is who!

I'm happy that you're interested in my idea. If you like the idea of Mysterious Castle, support it and share with your friends! Thanks for visit!

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