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My Kindergarten


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But how beautiful are Lego children? Have you ever wanted to see them all play together? So what's more beautiful than a fantastic Kindergarten, a world of colors and games. The structure consists of two rooms, the first is a large games room, the second is the bathroom.
In the first room we can find the tub of colored balls, with children swimming happily, one child playing football with the ball, children playing with beautiful stuffed animals and cars and finally even child climbing on the closet with the teacher frightened.
In the bathroom the school worked is washing the floor and there is a baby on the toilet!
I inserted some child, some teacher, many games and many colored paintings to simulate hanging drawings, trying to make my work as colorful and fun as possible.
I left some stud free to move children and games in the positions you prefer and to make my work as playable as possible: it works with my children, they spend hours playing and it is thanks to them that I wanted to make this work!

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