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Traditional Japanese Stone Garden

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My product idea is Japanese stone garden. This model is mainly consist of 2 sections, stone garden, and Japanese architecture. 
Stone garden is a kind of traditional Japanese garden. Main unique feature is that it express nature only with stone, gravel, moss, and so on. Representative stone gardens of Japan are Ryoanji Temple and Tofuku Temple in Kyoto.  
First of all, I'd like to explain my stone garden section. (fifth picture) The size is about 25.5×12.5 cm. White bricks spread all over the floor represent white gravels. And dark gray lumps represent rocks. I put lantern on the right end. 
Next, I’d like to explain the Japanese architecture. (sixth picture) The size of this is the same as stone garden section. I removed the back wall of this architecture to play easily with mini figure. And also, the black roof can be removed. (seventh picture) At the entrance, there is sliding door and actually you can move this door. (eighth picture) Entering the front door, you’ll see tea room in front, and a room for flower arrangement in left. (ninth and tenth picture) When you go through each room, you will see corridor facing the garden, and from this place, you can admire the view of stone garden. (eleventh picture) And when you go down stone step and go straight on cobblestones, you will see greenery garden and pond. (twelfth picture) This model has no back wall, so you can enjoy admiring the view of stone garden from mini figures point of view ! (thirteenth picture)  
This model contains 2 mini figures, young man, and old man. Both are caretaker of this garden. They sometimes take a break with green tea and dumpling. (fourteenth picture) 
 I made this model because I like Japanese garden first, and also, I wanted to challenge to create architecture. Creating architecture out of bricks was very difficult for me because this is my first creation of architecture. But more than that, the process of building was very fun! 
I believe it would make a great LEGO set because there is no Japanese stone garden set. I hope you like it and consider voting for my model !
 Thank you! 

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