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Home of Books

The intro
This is not just a library. This is not just a library with some extension. This is the Home of Books. It's a magical place where the knowledge is kept, where ideas are forming and the place for the books to be loved. A book is a value forever, as long as the book is loved and kept safe. While our knowledge about life, the universe and everything is changing a book is final once it's printed and it will always represent a piece of the whole.

About the project
A few months ago I got a book as a present. This was the trigger point. Let me share that as a kid I was not reading much. I just had hard time to found the joy in it. It's not that I didn't love any book I read, but it was only a handful that I really enjoyed. Took me a while to understand why it is like this. Even today I have hard time to find the books for me. But this book... this was a hit. It was a book about Lego. After I finished it I understood the difference. A book with a content that is close to me I can read and enjoy.
After this it was no doubt I need to reflect this in one of my Lego builds.
Took me a few months to finish and actually designing and build it not just digitally but physically.
I am so happy with the result and hope you like it too.

Home of Books
it is a build on 48x32 studs with a two story library, an antique store and a small home. I didn't use any template of actual building, just went with the feeling of what I like.
The different parts of the building can be easily removed to allow access to the inner parts.

Outside of the 2 lovely animal (a cat and a bird) I included 4 minifigure. While I made them diverse for better playability I created them to represent myself in different stages in my life.

- Orlando: The guy on a skateboard. He is very young and very playful, searching joy in the physical part of the world. He didn't discover books yet.
- Katie: The girl with the cat. She is in her teenager years seeking connections to other living creatures. She knows books exists, but she has other priorities.
- Mary: The woman who always has a book in her hand. She now fully understands the value of books and she is not afraid to be seen with one.
- Daniel: The man with the magnifier. He is not afraid to read a book, but he also understand the world is way bigger then he is and books can help to discover more of the unknown. He looks at everything with the desire to understand the universe. Books are a great help for him.

Hope you enjoyed the story behind!

The build is about 3000 pieces. It includes a lot of books (plates and tiles). I am sure it could be made with much lower piece count to save some cost without sacrificing the joy of building it. All existing Lego parts, no special parts or print is suggested for this idea.

I would appreciate your support! Don't forget to log in before you hit the support button! Only then counts! Thank you in advance!


P.S.: Here is a video of the model rotating for a better sense of how it looks in real life:

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