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The Pizza Parlor


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A family sits in the main dining area next to a big plant and a claw machine as they drink sodas from the fridge next to the register. The busy chef resides in the kitchen preparing pizzas next to the sink and baking them in his dual, wood-fire oven. Various ingredients are found in the pantry, including sauces and a variety of cheeses. The restroom is found at the end of the hallway, featuring a beautiful hanging plant. The back contains a delivery of new ingredients, garbage bins, and a sneaky rat with a pile of cheese stolen from the restaurant pantry. A ladder leads up to the roof to access the ventilation system. The front contains a big, neon, pizza sign that towers over flowers that decorate the building. Pizza costume guy nervously advertises on the corner while being antagonized by hungry dogs. The delivery driver prepares for her next delivery route.
This pizza parlor reminds me of the times my parents would take my siblings and I to get pizza on the weekend when we were younger. The parlor contains an outside/inside dining area, kitchen, pantry, and restroom. Red/green coloring and brown trim are used throughout the whole building. I tried to pack in as much detail as I could and tried to make a variety of minifigures, five of which represent me and my actual family. I wanted to add an outside dining area, so opted for a bigger 48x48 baseplate. I still included technic pinholes to connect with modular buildings. These connection points are found in four locations: the cheese wedge, the box with a slice of pizza on top, the box of ingredients, and one of the garbage bins. I included some photos to show how it looks next to the boutique hotel and police station. Please note that for some of the interior pictures, some walls have been removed to be able to show the details inside.
Thank you for checking out my creation!

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