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Vertical Chess

This Vertical Chess design is aimed at new/casual chess players. The design has been kept quite plain to help the players focus on the game.

There are a total of 1924 parts in this current prototype, but there's a high level of modularity which simplifies construction. 

Picture 2:  The design includes edge-mounted #4081 Lamp Holders which act as guides for string or picture cord so that the finished model can be wall-mounted. (Alternative picture-hanging methods could easily be used.) As with any vertical playing surface, the obvious advantage is that a chess game does not take up table or floor space and can be left hanging in any suitable location.

Pictures 3 and 4:  Two #4186, 48x48 Base Plates form the backbone of the model.  The design includes a simple tray to hold captured pieces along with extra pieces to support Pawn promotion.

Picture 5:  64 platforms hold the playing pieces which just sit in 2x2 square holes, so minimal force is needed to move them between board positions.  The front edge of each platform includes a #2540 Plate w/Stick which is used as a flag holder. 

Pictures 6 and 7:  If the progress of a game is slow or delayed, the #2335 Green Flag can be moved wherever needed to show the "Most Recent Piece Moved", the Orange Flag is used to show the piece causing "Check" and the Red Flag indicates "Checkmate".

Pictures 8 and 9:  The #6191 curved bricks on the underside of each platform give enough clearance to move the tallest chesspieces.  Obviously any alternative chess set design could be used in any two contrasting colours, along with an appropriate redesign of the supporting platforms if necessary.

The only parts imported from / coloured in LDD Extended (version 4.3.9 - yes, I know :-) are:
Rook/Castle: #90258
Knight: #15068
Bishop: #6037, #6039 and #98138 (the design is based on one of the alternative names for this playing piece)
Queen: #22388

Thank you for taking the time to read this submission.  Please feel free to post comments and, if you feel that this idea is good enough, add your support.


P.S. I know that vertical chessboards are available to buy.  I have no idea on the extent of patents across different territories. (For some reason the submission system won't let me declare this up front)

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