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Let's combine a little bit of bionicle-ish Gear Function and some mech-like ideas with Lego Sustem. Add some extra details with gears, brown, gold and tan pieces, and you'll get a Steampunk Giant! 

This friend is Called ClockWork (or as it's code-name, C10CK W0RK) and is ready to interact with both Clauss Watch (the one with the googles and the helemt) and James Brown (the scared one) and his kind of "little brother" , W4-ch (the little bot there )

The project presents a simple idea: Two brothers, a mech, a clock (just for fun) and a big Steampunk Mech. Because of this, one can create it's own story with them, as there's no "actual" story.


  • -The minifigures are simple. Both are suppossed to have a helmet or a hat, and their own hair piece. Thought about Adding some accesories, but i'm still not sure wich ones.Also, the little robot is made just to complete the theme.
  • -ClockWork has an interesting design. The legs are completely symmetrical as both are just mirrored , plus both are custom legs. 
  • -The lower leg part has some gears that do work, but their purpose is only for detailing. 
  • -The body can rotate 360º thanks to some gears at the lower chest. (also, with some friction added, so it doesn't spin if not necessary). 
  • -The Upper chest and arms, on the other hand, are quite asymmetrical: The idea is to have an arm bigger than the other. The bigger one has some flex rods to mantain it in place while moving it. The smaller is quite simple, using CCBS pieces and has an improvised Gearbox with some technic bricks and differtent gears (also, adding some friction, as the system with 2015 Bionicle).
  • -The design of the hand in the bigger arm was thought so it can hold a Minifig
  • -Finally, the set has a clock, just because. Plus, it adds meaning for the Mech's name. Also, it's an interesting piece of furniture for the brothers (and has also a small gear function at the back for the sake of moving the pendulum.

Play Features:

As said, it comes with two minifigs. The Mech is quite articulated: Free knee, elbow, wrist,shoulder and foot joint. The fingers (4 on the right hand, 3 on the left) are also articulated and, obviously,the head. Also the gear funtcion ads some playability and it'd be interesting for children (thought building the set might be kinda difficult for them) as the gears that are put will rotate all at the same time.

Extra ideas:

  • As shown in one of the pictures, i'd like the model to have the new Bionicle add-on Piece on the right arm instead of the Hero Factory one, as the design of it might look better, in my opinion.
  • Adding some stickers for detailing would be great. The clock needs one and maybe on the legs and left arm (in the pictures can be seen that the pieces look not-so-interesting just as they are)


  • Currently (16/06/2015) there are 539 pieces in the set.
  • The mech is 100% based on a drawing of my own 



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