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The Wayne Project- A Better Class of Criminal

Part 2 of The Wayne Project is here! For those of you who are new to the concept, The Wayne Project is a series of story-oriented, detail heavy lineup lined with features adults enjoy and functions kid's love! Is it a toy? Or a model? Well, depending on your age, that's all up to you! Now, for the set itself.

The first part of the set is a medium-sized building belonging to Lex Luthor, complete with a furnished office with a mahogany table and oak paneling. The second layer contains a blue-and-orange Firefly-esque battle suit. The seconded part is a stolen van with a "Joker Smile" on the grid, a happy face and a reference to Suicide Squad on the right side and a J+H surrounded by HA HAs. The van is commandeered by a newly designed Poison Ivy, proceeded by a grim-looking Killer Croc and defended by a young Two-Face, equipped with his trademark silver dollar and a pistol decked with a silencer. The final part is a snow-covered street where Nightwing drives his motorcycle up a snow ramp to intercept the deadly trio.

I dearly hoped you enjoyed the second installment in The Wayne Project. Stick around to get some insider's updates on my upcoming work!  As you look through the pictures, let some of the more subtle details inspire question in your mind. That's the goal of the set. And check out my first instalment- Batman- The Wayne Project (Batcave.) Until next time,






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