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The Great Outdoors


The great out doors, love it, hike, swim, ski eat play music read. Alright, some of these aren't sports, well most but as long as they are done out side they count as out door stuff, so what i did was try to fit all those in to one big mall, and yes i am talking about the mall on the cover page. This mall was 3000 pieces ( could not go above ) without the edit which made me end up with 2998 pieces instead, so 2 pieces only. It has 9 stores, 11 minifigs, 7 crabs, 2 fish and 5 star fish.

In the first floor we have the home office and some little stuff to buy in side of it, then we have a wooden bridge that connect to a metal bridge, In there it has swim stuff to buy and a check out desk, it also has 3 surf boards in diffirent colors. it has another bridge connected to the home office and in the middle of that bridge there is also a stair case to the second floor. in the middle of all these there is a small wooden boat.

In the second floor we have 3 stores that are realated and also connected from the back, the 1 st floor's stair case, and from the front, in the midlle shop which is blue, we have a sea food store, it has an empty basket, a tank for a fish and a bigger tank for 4 crabs, and a check out desk. In this store we have 3 doors, a door to the resturant, the back and the front. Next to it we have a black and red store which is the resturant, we have 7 tables, seven chaires, 2 crabs on 2 tables, 1 fish on another table and a check out desk ( sorry, no live music ) this room has 3 doors, one to the sea food store, one to the back and one to front. at the other side we have stair case to the 3 rd floor, then we have a room for entertainment for people while cameras on for a sea food cooking show, there is a table, a fork and a knife, and a crab with no chief ( JK ) these 3 stores, the are all connected, the sea food store supplies the chief with sea food while selling it also. Then the chief cooks it for the resturant while having a show. And the resturant, well it's just a resturant. 

3 rd floor, i know this is taking long but when you want to buy this set if it comes out ( if you are intrested ) these information will be help full, in the middle there is a music store, it has 4 guitars a bugle, a horn and i'm pretty sure a saxphone, a shelf for music lesson books, a music box and a front desk, next to it, i made a ski store, ( the yellow one ) it has 3 snow boards, two ski sticks, two ski boards, 4 ski shoes and one desk. At the other side, i made a stairs to 4 th floor, 2 arcade games, two computor banks and two telephone stands.

4 th floor we have a huge board saying great out doors ( i know, i could not fit in the ' the ' ) and at the back i made an ice cream store, it has a freezer for lolly pops, cup cakes and a check out desk. I know, not a lot. That's about it. 

Whoo, done, i hope you like this lego project, wish me luck for 10 000, and please please support support support and tell your friends about it. Also please write good projects in the comments board cause i ran out of good projects to support, please support, have a great rest of your day, feel free to ask any questions in the comment board, until next time and bye.

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