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Bionicle Mata Nui Map

Build and display the legendary island of Mata Nui for Bionicle's 20th anniversary!
Explore the island with this unique brick-built 3D art map, from the jungles surrounding Le-Koro to the harsh deserts around Po-Koro. The map is textured with slopes, bricks, wedges, plates and tiles to show the topography of the island of Mata Nui and to give the map a 3D feel. The central volcano is the highest part of the map, and slopes run down into the water just like the "real" island it is based on.

Bionicle was a theme that was primarily built with its own unique selection of technic pieces, until 2005/2006 when Lego experimented with brick built sets. I built this map because I like building things related to Bionicle, but with regular bricks. It is fun to re-imagine Bionicle as a system-first theme, and to experiment with what this new approach could look like. I have always wanted a map of the most iconic island from Bionicle and so I made one, and then decided I wanted to share it with the world, so here it is.

I think this would be a great Lego set because it will remind people of an important time in Lego's history. Bionicle was the first major storyline Lego created themselves, and with books, movies, comics, and all kinds of products outside of regular Lego pieces, the theme has been embedded in the memories of countless fans who are still active today. This map is a depiction of an iconic location from that story, and something many fans including myself remember fondly even today. This will also be a good Lego set because it is big, but doesn't take up much room. It's pretty, and even people who aren't fans of Bionicle can appreciate a nice picture of the fictional island from an important milestone in Lego's rich history.
In my opinion it's the perfect 20th anniversary set for the Bionicle theme because of its size and subject matter. It is like a precious childhood polaroid, except it's made of bricks and much, much cooler.

Perfect for old and new fans alike, this art piece can hang on a wall using the built-in hoop, or be displayed standing up. Stay tuned for updates! And thank you for looking at this project :)

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