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Mr. Miracle's escape


Scott Free, A.K.A. Mr. Miracle, has been captured! He is taken to DeSaad's lab, where the evil minion of Darkseid intends to make experiments to extract the Anti-Life equation from Scott's mind. While Mr. Miracle prepares to escape, his wife Big Barda takes on the Parademon guards to help him. And observing from above... Darkseid. Will the Lord of Apokolips decide to intervene?

The set consists on a cell and handcuffs for Scott (though these won't hold the greatest escape artist for too long), reclining operating table, lab devices, and Darkseid's throne over an elevated place so the villain can watch everything from above. Minifigures included are Mr Miracle, Big Barda, Darkseid, DeSaad and two Parademons.

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