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Emmet's Four-in-One Earth Mover


Emmet's Four-in-One Earth Mover was designed to move large amounts of dirt (or bricks!) to help get the construction job done.

Including features from four different real world vehicles, Emmet's Earth Mover has: a front end loader, a crane, a bucket, and a trailer!

The front scoop is sturdy and highly posable, able to scoop up and carry debris (or extra bricks!) The crane can rotate 360 degrees, and can lift heavy loads safely due to the Earth Mover's low center of gravity. The bucket can be filled with supplies and then emptied completely. The trailer can be hitched up to tow all of your tools required for your construction team!

The entire build plays well. The model is very sturdy and posable. The functional looking design blends well with the creative mix of combining four common construction vehicles to make a completely original one. Make this set a reality, support it today!

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