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Kirby: Whispy Woods Mini Set!


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This LEGO Ideas project is the very memorable tree Whispy Woods From the Kirby games. I built this because Kirby is a very popular game series, I enjoy playing Nintendo games, I love building with LEGO bricks and What’s better than a LEGO Kirby minifigure?!?! Whispy Woods is usually one of the unique characters and boss battles in the Kirby games.

I think this will make a great set because it has a very unique build and Kirby is very popular. In this set there is a Kirby minifigure, a Whispy woods build and some extra details. If this set achieves one hundred supporters I will add a Waddle dee minifigure if it achieves 100 supporters and I will add meta knight if it achieves 500 supporters. You should support this so it gets ten thousand supporters so LEGO Kirby becomes a reality!

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