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Old Fishing Store


Addon for Old Fishing Store and Boat Repair Shop

The addon dock with buoy fits on the two projects Old Fishing Store and Boat Repair Shop.

The fishing boat is comming soon can also dock.

The dock and buoy have about 545 bricks.

And a sneak peek to my upcoming project.

Thanks for the support and followers.


Additional renderings the inside and front view.

I have added two new renderings, one with the captain looking out with the looking glass. The lookout can reached from the inside with a ladder.


The inside with the roof off. You can see part of the office and the store.

Thanks for the support.


It has been snowing, so the Old Fishing Store has also some snow and frost.

I wish everybody who supported me a Merry Christmas.

I just changed some brouwn parts to white. Ho Ho Ho


see update one

I have added some pictures but put the pictures in update one.

Thanks for supporting



Here are the new screen shots from different angles

Old Fishing store


This is a shot from the inside of the shop, you can see the counter and the stairs to the storage area and side door.

This is also an inside and elevation shot, here u can see that the back wall is on hinges. It will be nice to put a light in the shop and also in the office.

The owl is changed to a seagull and there are two more on the railing.An overview from the back elevation of the building, you can also see the four minifigs.

The store has:

  • Bottles
  • Bait
  • Fishing poles
  • A treasure chest 
  • A dive mask
  • Dive tanks
  • Chains
  • Etc.

Thanks for the comments and keep supporting. 

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