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The Dinosaur Museum - PUZZLE BOX

Hi Everyone,

Some time ago I decided to create a puzzle box with a more than ten steps in a solution. Actually, the LEGO Group hasn't produced a typical puzzle box as a set yet, so it could be a fresh proposition for an Ideas set. I rejected all electric parts or replicate any existing object - I wanted to use pure imagination. I love LEGO Technic, so I had a great fun while I was preparing an outstanding superstructure, what made a solution of my puzzle reasonable long. 

The essence (obligatory part) of my proposition: my creation is a microscale dinosaur museum with three rooms and three dinosaurs, each in one room. The objective of that puzzle is to take all three dinosaurs out of the building with a flower pot working as a knob and with discovered levers or tools. There are six holes in a basement level where a flower pot can be inserted. All six mechanism intersect and overlap themselves in one layer in the basement what makes a solution longer than six-step-long and enforces a designer to prepare a real Technic superstructure below the floor and gives a unique and crazy build for all LEGO fans.

I strongly recommend my Technic mechanisms and ideas, but I realize that there are many restrictions in the official LEGO Technic mechanisms. When I was preparing that superstructure, I tried to avoid lifting heavy objects and I tried to do everything working as smooth as possible. I encourage TLG to make six different mechanisms, my creation provide: an openable roof, a movable inner wall, a movable outside wall, horizontal displacement with the linear actuators, vertical displacement with linear actuators, two linear actuators conjugated in one mechanism, hiding a hole for one mechanism with another mechanism, a lever, a stepper, an extra tool. Double wall helps a lot, mechanisms can be elevated from the basement to the roof.

I'm not an expert of LEGO creator techniques, therefore the style of a building (outside walls, inner decorations, a roof, an overall appearance) is only a modest proposal and can be changed, even a lot. Beware: several decisions of the appearance were affected by the chosen mechanisms, mostly by a movable inner wall.

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