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SteamPunk Horse-Drawn Streetcar


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The SteamPunk Horse-Drawn Streetcar is a relic of the past, as well as a peak into the future. Based around the Toronto Horse-Drawn Streetcars that ran from 1861 to 1884, the model feature's a preposterously powerful 2-Horsepower Engine, a fancy plaque to show the Route (West Toronto Junction, with 1884 being the founding of the Town), and 8 seats for the most sophisticated Lego gentlemen and ladies in your collection. There is also small bell to alert pedestrians of the oncoming vehicle. Steampunk is an art form, a style of dress, and a lifestyle. It's the idea that our modern ways are destroying the planet, and that we need to step back into the ways of the past, to conserve energy. When our societies dependency on electricity depletes our limited supply of fossil fuels, the price of electricity will skyrocket, and steam-powered machinery and horse-drawn vehicles will come back into fashion. SteamPunk is the FUTURE! Help reduce the use of electricity, use a horse-drawn streetcar instead.

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