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Battle of Hoth


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AT-AT trying to destroy the shield generator has been imminent.

Hello everyone.

Star Wars the scene of episode 5, "Battle of the host" was expressed in a palm-sized.
Trying to destroy the shield generator and Imperial Army's main weapon to invasion "AT-AT" is a battle of the Rebel Alliance.
Small AT-AT has been commercialized (No.75075) but is seems very cute modeling. Suppress the cuteness in this work, was small without destroying the appearance, such as long legs is a feature. Since it is a palm-sized, you can look at any time to decorate on top of the desk. By all means, I want to ask you to reproduce the powerful scene by aligning a lot of AT-AT.
I am happy if me like it to everyone.


May the force be with you.
May the LEGO be with you.



Length  : 12.8cm (5.0inch)
Width    : 4.8cm (1.89inch)
Height   : 6.2cm (2.44inch)

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