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Adventurers BrickHeadz

A theme and genre crossover! Johnny Thunder, Dr. Lightening, Gail Storm, and Sam Sinister go on a new adventure in the form of BrickHeadz!

Participating in the Instagram tag #JohnnyThunderThursdays, I was inspired to put a new spin on my favorite childhood theme, The Adventurers. I had only built Johnny to start , but soon had to build the resot of the crew too! It gave me a great opportunity to use pieces new and old and some of the details provided quite the challenge.

This would make a great LEGO set because it gives a new spin on a well loved classic theme. These are great reminders of the adventures we had with these characters and in a larger, displayable format. There were a lot of votes for bringing back the Adventurers them wen polled for the LEGO anniversary and this would be one great way to bring them back in the successful BrickHeadz genre. For nostalgia's sake!

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