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Homer Motorhome


Hi, today's idea is inspired by the famous series tv The Simpson, former star of our beloved set.

Specifically I decided to take a cue from the seventh episode of the first season titled The Call of The Simpson.

The set consist of 297 total bricks and is thus formed:

  1. Homer's motor home a little seedy and rundown, and full of internal disorder, as well as in the episode together with the minifigures Homer Simpson.

Short story line

Homer, envious of Ned Flander's new motor home, goes Bob's RV Round up to buy one of his own, but beacause of his poor credit rating, he is only qualified for a smaller dilapidated one, much to his family's discùgust. Thrilled With the new RV, Homer takes his family on an exursion.

Driving on remote back roads and themselves teetering over a precipice.

the family escapes the RV before it plummets over the cliff, leaving themselves stranged in the wilderness.

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