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Subnautica: Seamoth

The Seamoth is a small, versatile one-person submersible that can explore the depths of the ocean in the video game Subnautica. It includes a minifigure of Ryley Robinson, the protagonist of Subnautica.

I built this set because I am a fan of Subnautica and I wanted to have a set of one of my favorite vehicles in the game. I also enjoyed the challenge of making the Seamoth as accurate and playable as possible. I think this set captures the essence and the fun of the game, as well as the beauty and the danger of the underwater world.

I believe this would make a great Lego set because it appeals to both Subnautica fans and Lego fans. Subnautica fans would appreciate the model, as well as the opportunity to recreate their own adventures with the Seamoth and Ryley. Lego fans would enjoy the building experience and the play features of the set, as well as the possibility to combine it with other Lego themes.

This set is not only a display piece, but also a toy that can inspire imagination and creativity. It was inspired by Subnautica, a game that has captivated millions of players with its immersive and engaging gameplay. It is also a shows that there is no limit of what you can make with lego.

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