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Climbrick Gym


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Hi everyone,

Indoor climbing is booming around the world and next year in Japan, it will be the first time that climbing has been an event in the Summer Olympics.
So it's time to bring it into our Lego cities!!!

The gym is fully equipped for belay climbing and bouldering in complete safety. All the training equipment are in place, form hangboard to pull-up bar.
Fresh beverages are available, as well as a water cooler, music and big fans on the roof.
The gym is complete with a store room and a restroom.
The red bricks building has lots of windows on every side, to get a lot of natural lights. 
Along the sidewalk you can find street lights, recycling bins and a dumpster, while a guy is drawing a graffiti at the back of the building, who knows what is he writing...

The piece count is exactly 3000 bricks, including 6 minifigures, 1 cat and 1 spider, who's climbing behind the stairs.
The build can be opened for better playability, for the same reason part of the roof and of the bouldering area can be removed as well.

I hope you will like it and you will consider to support it and share on your social media platforms.

Thank you!


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