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Jurassic Park The Lost World Mobile Lab


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Everyone knows him jurassic park a well-known film in which a park was built where real dinosaurs rondliepen.Maar everything went wrong and everyone went of the island .In part 2 they went back with a camper that was converted into a mobile lab .And I have the camper made ​​of lego with small details such as the protection of the window and the mend on the roof. 

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ 
This camper has camouflage colors .The colors I used are: 

* Green for the color of the camper. 
* Black color camouflage for the wheels and the front side. 
* Gray to kick the windows and protection. 
* Yellow For daklampen. 
* Orange for headlights. 
* Dark Grey for steps. 

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------- 
I hope he looks.

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