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The King's Fortress

The King's Fortress.

For this project, I was inspired by the beautiful castles of Northumbria.

We have the access guarded by two towers (one corner with stairs also on the ground floor while the other complete with prison) a moat and the drawbridge (of which I cannot put chains or similar with STUDIO 2.0) form the entrance.
The protection of the fortress is also secured by defensive walls with towers in which we find barrels, crates, sacks and a well.

The main part of the fortress is the keep, which serves as the last shelter in the event of a siege and as a residence for the King. Inside, we find stairs to access all levels, the cellar and the tournament weapons room on the ground floor, the throne, a richly decorated fireplace, a table, the chest, the canopy bed and the double access to the rampart to protect the entrance door on the first floor.
On the top floor, we find a large terrace from which the crossbowmen watch over the whole fortress and the lookout tower, inside which there is a table with a map of the kingdom illuminated by a candle.

The colour of the work tries to reproduce the shades of the Alnwich castle, and in general, the entire project tries to be very realistic.

The fortress can be opened and closed so that you can play easily with the minifigures.

Rate it, thank you.

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