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Mutant Hunters

This theme will be about mutated creatures causing terror, so an elite team of people must defeat them with their radioactive-fighting weapons. The main picture is a shot of the cheapest set of the line, which will include one mutant hunter and a mutant. Also included are crates for storage and a toxic waste pit, which you can fit the mutant in to trap him. The mutant hunter also comes with a specialized backpack to clean up toxic waste and take care of the mutants.

Here's the second set of the line. The items included in it are a transport vehicle, which can seat up to six minifigures, including a drivers seat and a gunner's turret. The minifigures in the set are a mutant hunter, a mutant hunter commander, and a six-armed mutant.

Here's a lineup of some of the mutants. I'll try to add more in the future.

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