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Lord of the Rings Architecture Line

(Update) Make sure to also check out Orthanc below! As some of you suggested in the comments, I changed some of the bricks on Minas Tirith to light gray instead of dark. I don't want to make it white, since in the movie the city is so old that it is gray instead. I also added step by step instructions below. (Copy the link and put it in the address bar. Sorry if it tells you to build it weird, Lego Digital Designer builds things quite randomly.)

Minas Tirith:


Ever since I heard that Lego was making a Lord of the Rings line I thought instantly about how cool an architecture line would be. These are my first two models that I designed in Lego Digital Designer. (The main picture above is Minas Tirith, the capital of Gondor. The picture below is the tower Orthanc in Isengard, where the White Wizard Saruman lives.)

The designs are based on the buildings in the Lord of the Rings movies. There are several other structures that could become models in this line eventually. These include:

Helm's Deep
Bag End
The Golden Hall
Minas Morgul
Cirith Ungol
Mount Doom
And many more!

There also may be others from the Hobbit movies that will be released over the next couple years.

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