Product Idea

Ski Lodge

Ski Lodge

It’s wintertime at the ski lodge, and time to do some skiing, snowboarding, or just sitting watching. This is the second lodge I have built, the first being my Wildlife Lodge set in springtime. This lodge, unlike the other one, has an open back for playability. It comes with a skier and snowboarder with double sided heads- scared and normal. It has two floors-the first floor has a fireplace, 2 comfy chairs and a table, some kitchen cabinets, a microwave, an oven, and some bottles. On the second floor there is 2 beds, each with a headstand and lamp, and the second floor is accessible by a ladder going up the wall. Overall this build has about 400 pieces and took me about 2 days to build.

My Favorite Parts/Challenges

My favorite part of this build is the roof and exterior appearance. The whole reason the roof is the shape it is, is because I ran out of the size of slopes I needed, and had to use larger ones for the top row. This created a fun barn-like shape to the roof that I really like. The biggest challenge in this model was the fireplace, and I spent several hours building it. This is due to the slanted angle of the fireplace across the corner of the building. 

Other Notes

  • As I referenced earlier in this description, I have made another lodge called the Wildlife Lodge, which you can see by going to my profile.
  • The lighter brown bricks on the walls in some places, and the two shades of gray on the bottom layers of the building are not mistakes- they are just discoloration to make it seem more realistic. 
  • All printed bricks were not designed by me, they were pressed by LEGO.
  • Please tell all your friends about this to help me gather support-my goal is to at least hit 100 supporters before the time runs out.

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