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Star Wars Episode 2 - Padme's Apartment


As Padme retires to her sleeping quarters for the night, Zam Wesell sends the ASN-121 droid to Padme’s apartment to dispense two deadly kouhuns.  Sensing a disturbance, Anakin and Obi-wan spring into action! Anakin uses his lightsaber to protect Padme and dispose of the kouhuns whilst Obi-wan smashes through the window to grab onto the droid before it gets away!

This set represents that action scene from Attack of the Clones.  I’ve tried to create a faithful representation of Padme’s Apartment whilst keeping the piece count to around 600.  I’ve also tried to make this a believable set that Lego would produce by only building a portion of the apartment.  It was tricky getting the shape and layout correct but I think the details make this set pretty close to the movie design.

I’ve included a picture of the connecting hallway with the roof off to try and show that it matches the movie set layout.  I’ve also included an alternative costume for Padme so she can change into her senator robes when guest visit (staying in her dressing gown may be a little awkward for official visits!).  The gold column details would just be stickers stuck to the pieces.

The minigfigures I’m suggesting should be included are:

  • Padme (dressing gown - additional senator robe and headdress can be interchanged and stored in the bedroom wardrobe as pictured)
  • Dorme (apartment gown)
  • Anakin
  • Obi-wan
  • Jar Jar (senator gown)
  • R2D2
  • ASN-121 droid

I’ve put Jar Jar in this set because I’m planning on adding Gregar Typho (Padme’s security guard) into another set idea.  I’ve already added Zam Wesell to my first Lego Ideas project and this is a great way to get a new minifig added to the collection :)

I hope you like the concept and I think this set would be a great addition to the awesome Star Wars sets currently out there!  I try and come up with ideas that Lego might not be planning on creating, and that would complement the existing ship designs already available. I think it’s a great way of getting more minifigs that may not be attached to future releases. 

Thanks for any support I get and feel free to share anywhere you like. If you’re interested these are my earlier Star Wars designs:

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