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Classic Space Sleeping Quarters

About the Model - The model is a chamber 4.5 inches long, 3.13 inches wide, and 3.5 inches tall. It is furnished with a bed, gear rack, desk lamp, poster, computer terminal, and a giant space logo mural. It also comes with a white spaceman, an alternate hair piece, and a cell phone. 

Why I Built It - At some point, I started to wonder where spacemen slept. I mean, they have made sets of almost everything, but I don't think they have ever made a set of a spaceman's bedroom. Then, I got this picture in my mind, and I had to build it. 

Why It Would Make a Great Lego Set - I'll admit, most of the things in the room are things I would like to the Legoland pillow, the brick-built mural, and the Insectoid poster. But I think it will appeal to most people since it has so many cool features. 

If you would like for this to become a Lego set, then hit that support button! 

Thanks for your time,
Red Spaceman

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