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Captain America: Birth of a Super-Soldier


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Captain America: Birth of a Super-Soldier

Based on a scene from Captain America: The First Avenger, this set depicts Captain America's origin as Dr. Abraham Erskine transforms puny but noble Steve Rogers into a Super-Soldier, later allowing the First Avenger to take on HYDRA and its leader, the evil Red Skull. Along for the ride are Agent Peggy Carter and inventor Howard Stark, father of Tony Stark (a.k.a. Iron Man). 

Minifigures included in this set:

  • Captain America (World War II)
  • Steve Rogers
  • Agent Peggy Carter
  • Dr. Erskine
  • Howard Stark

This set includes 5 minifigures, all of which are custom. With a new World War II version of Captain America, a Peggy Carter figure, and Howard Stark with a double-sided head, these minifigures are a must-have for any Marvel fan. In this set are the transformation chamber and its base, a control panel, a table with the Super Soldier Serum, and Captain America's trademark motorcycle with his gear. The transformation chamber is on a rotating base and has doors and top that open and close to place a minifigure inside. 

A set this size wouldn't cost too much, and would be a practical choice for a Lego Ideas set. Since LEGO has made sets from Avengers, Iron Man 3, and now Age of Ultron, I believe this scene from Captain America: The First Avenger would make a unique addition alongside LEGO's Marvel Super Hero line. 

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