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Downtown Winter Coffee Shop & Bakery

Take a break from all that Christmas shopping and step inside the bakery. Ask the barista for a hot latte and try one of the baker's town-famous pastries. Once through, head outside to build a snowman or send a letter to Santa. Featuring a snowy exterior inspired by real-life buildings and an interior decorated for Christmas, this set is sure to delight all Lego fans. 

The winter coffee shop & bakery is inspired by a restaurant that I used to work at. It was famous for its unique pastries and served some of the best coffee in town. Designed in the same vein as the modular buildings, this set features a realistic architectural style and lots of small details. Currently, I have designed two minifigures: the barista, and his wife, the baker. If released, this set would likely include a few more figures⁠—maybe some townsfolk. The set features some fun details like an espresso machine, a mailbox and newspaper box, and a snowman. With a draped exterior, this set would look right at home in any lego city Christmas display.

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