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Purple Worm

For the past 15+ years, I've been using LEGO minifigures in place of more traditional role-playing miniatures. During that time, I've also built a number of LEGO miniatures for creatures that were non-humanoid or were significantly larger or smaller than humans.

This purple worm represents one of my more recent and complex attempts. It's based on the illustration in the D&D Monster Manual, and is designed to fit D&D miniature scale (1 inch = 5 feet).

This is my second attempt at a purple worm. For my first attempt (last photo, below), I lacked properly colored bricks. This new model was inspired by my acquisition of several dozen purple parts (mostly from Two-Face's car and Ninjago skeletons' vehicles).

Side view, showing detail of the body articulation. The body is solidly built, but the looseness of the swivel plates requires that the upper body have some additional support; the clear supports also preserve the coiled pose shown in the Monster Manual.

Detail of the head. The red pieces represent the inner maw and also attach to hinges articulating the jaws.

This is a photo of my previous purple worm model, for comparison.

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