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Piano Concert

This set idea is a model of a theater with a piano and podium. It it a piano concert set! I came up with this set because I thought that the idea had potential to become a real LEGO set. I also made the set because there are not many LEGO sets that are concert themed, or that have a grand piano. I think that this set should be a real LEGO set because of all of the detail that I added into it. From the curtains on the stage to the arch of the piano, this set has so many awesome features that make the set what it is. Another reason why it should be a LEGO set is that it has playable features that include the minifigures and the adjustable stage lights.

This set includes 1 stage, 2 minifigures, 4 stage lights (adjustable), 1 camera (adjustable), 1 scale grand piano, and 1 podium.

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