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An Octopus Playing in the Pool

I came across a channel online that built a lot of models using Polymer clay, Epoxy Resin, UV Resin and plastic toy models. There are a lot with a big creature under the water and a quiet scene above the water. I saw sharks, koi's, alligators and an octopus. I decided on the octopus and a swimming pool, which I didn't see online yet. I made this build because I saw some Lego builds that showed parts of a creature above the water, yet not below. I also like that you can have the entire octopus vs. just a few tentacles.
The build is on it's side, so the big trans blue clear plate is on the side. The toilet stalls are added on the side using brackets. The octopus is held in place by it's arms that are stuck through the panels. Can you see all the things he is playing with?
 Have fun!

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