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LEGO Batman: Bane's secret hideout

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This is my first LEGO Cuusoo project. It is called LEGO Batman: Bane's secret hideout. It comes with three minifigs which are, Batman, Robin, and Bane. It is a secret hideout, obviously. I am really excited!

The set has a flag pole, swinging chains, a waterfall, a container, and chemicals. Please support it. I worked hard in this set.

As you can see there is a container. Inside of it are chemicals. On top of the container is glass and next to it is a white bottle with bad liquid that bane uses. There is a 100 dollar bill that Bane stole from the bank!

Next to the container is a cup holder. And there is a brown pole were Bane swings into action!

Robin is trying to sneak up to get into the little hideout. You can hang a minifigure on the chains so that Robin or Batman or whatever minifigure you want won't fall in the junky water. Yes, the water is dirty!

Next to Robin is a waterfall. it starts from the roof and goes down in the dirty water. Thank you guys for seeing my project and please support it!

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