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The Green Hornet - Street Chase


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Help Kato and the Green Hornet enforce order in the streets of Los Angeles. Drive the Black Beauty and defeat the robbers !

Includes :

  • Green Hornet
  • Kato
  • x2 Gangsters

And other nice parts such as a Daily Sentinel newspaper, two realistic indication panels, Green Hornet ‘s logo and licence plate.

You can add a few accessories on the car like a machine gun and blades.


The Black Beauty is a heavily modified Imperial Crown from 1966. The car has approximately the same dimensions as the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters set #21108. So, the Black Beauty would perfectly fit next to other Cuusoo/Ideas cars.


This project is a collaboration with NickAb

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Thanks for reading and feel free to support this project if you like it !

And remember : « when you corner a hornet, you get stung ! »


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