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Kingdom Hearts Sora Figure

In Kingdom Hearts you visit various worlds of Disney Movies (Hercules, Toy Story, etc.) meeting characters not only from Disney but "Final Fantasy" and "The World Ends With You" characters (Cloud, Neku, etc.). Sora is the main protagonist in most of the Kingdom Hearts games, who wields the magical Keyblade to save many people and worlds from the darkness while searching for his friends. He is very well known to be optimistic and very caring for his friends.

I built this because I am huge fan of both Kingdom Hearts and Lego, and I really like the idea of Kingdom Hearts Lego sets and a Lego Kingdom Hearts video game being made. I grew up playing on the Playstation 2 which is how I was introduced to Kingdom Hearts and Lego. In fact, I started to learn how to read through Kingdom Hearts with the voiceless dialogue. When my brothers and I play Lego games together, we would usually mess around with each other.

I strongly believe that this would be an awesome LEGO set because Sora is the most iconic character in Kingdom Hearts and this will hopefully bridge the gap between Lego and Kingdom Hearts, introducing Kingdom Hearts to Lego fans, and Lego to Kingdom Hearts fans. This is built like a normal action figure, so this would make it really great for kids who want to play with and LEGO and Kingdom Hearts toys. It is also great for collectors from all ages who want to put it up as a display.

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