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Batcave 2016


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The Batcave is the secret headquarters, command center and safe house of the DC Comics superhero Batman, the alternate identity of playboy Bruce Wayne,, consisting of a series of subterranean caves beneath his residence, Wayne Manor. (source wikipedia)

For this build I listed all the spaces and also the vehicles Batman normally uses and planned the cave accordingly. The whole build centered around a 48 x 48 base plate.

Incorporated the following spaces:

1) Library with the sliding door to the batpoles. Used chairs istead of just poles that can be triggered to slide down to the cave.

2) The command center, with three monitors. With an option to mount a larger monitor on top of it.

3) A laboratory for his evidence processing just beneath the command center.

4) An armory for spare suits and crime fighting equipment.

5) A holding cell on the bottom of the cave.

6) A museum space for the essential batman mementos ( costumes, dinosaur, large coin, the joker card etc. ).

Incorporated the following vehicles as well:

1) A two-seater Batcopter with its own helipad.

2) A Batmobile mounted on a manually elevated platform.

3) A garage for the Batcycle and additional vehicles.

4) A two-seater Batwing resting on its launcher.

5) A Batboat with its own dock.

Again this is a base build, and can be customized according to the taste of the builder. 

Simplicity and Playability.

This is my 17th build, and hopefully more to come, if you like this model please do share and support this build through your friends and your social network.

Your opinions, suggestions and comments are most welcome.

Thank You and Happy Building :)

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Thank You for your support.  =)

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