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Fish Tank Night Light

I originally had the idea of 'Lego furnishings' where you could take a Lego set and give it a practical application. It serves a purpose, other than being just a model to look at.
I thought up the fish tank night light, as I had a fish tank when I was a child and it was great. However it was really expensive and took a lot of time and effort to keep it clean, and the fish as happy as they could be. I wanted the model to be as interesting as possible. To get as much depth, so when you look into it from whichever angle, there was always something to look at. I also wanted it to be interesting and challenging to build.
Bob the big gold fish is the main build and then there is the crab sitting in the bottom. There's a shoal of mackerel, seahorses, starfish, a shark and manta rays. It went from being a simple fish tank to a deep sea dive from the shallows to the dark depths. I can imaging watching it as I fell asleep as a child, soothed by the light glow and dreaming of swimming in the sea, looking at all the amazing creatures that live just below the surface.

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