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Hanaq's Classic Purse

I am an artist who always tries to use all kinds of materials to create something artistic and useful based on the environment and animal-friendly principles. Once when I was trying to build a vase with Lego for my florist design, I created this classic cross pattern coincidently and then made it into a purse. Friends around me all love it, and it is really attractive when I am bringing it out with me. Thus, I have decided to post my idea here so that everyone can enjoy building their own purse and using it.

Lego is not only a toy or something on the shelf to show only, it can also be an element in our daily life.
Unlike many other materials, using Lego bricks is both eco-friendly and fun, and we can turn it into some new designs, it is also animal-friendly!
This time I am presenting a set of purse designs, that we can use in our lives.

This 2-in-1 set includes 2 purses in different sizes;

  • Standard size: Able to fit most of our mobile phones in with some other ladies' daily items, such as lipsticks, car keys, tissues, etc.
  • Mini size: Cute small size, is not for a phone, but some small items fit nicely in.
A/B side design, different yet but one integrated mass. Use any side according to your personal preference, both sides look great.
I am choosing the color dark red to go with pearl gold, as it brings the feeling of the Main Gate of Forbbidencity in China, Ancient Oriental Aesthetics colors have always fascinated me.

For the mini size, I chose the dark green and the dark red color matching combination, such as Christmas, forecasting a depiction of both Eastern and Western cultures.

One may use it for many conditions, like cocktail parties, afternoon teas, weddings, or daily outings, etc.
I hope you like the design and my ideas. Your vision and love for art and Lego will make it possible for it to be appreciated and understood by more people, which is a supreme honor for me.
With love,

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