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Gamers Apartment/ Doctors Office/ Postoffice Modular Building


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Hey'yall, DanTheLegoMan here!
Today I have built my first Modular building. I know it does not look that detailed, however I will be giving the project more updates in the future. Thank you for understanding.

I built this project because I know that the Lego community has been needing a Modular Hospital, and a post office. I also think that the Gamers apartment fits this scene perfectly. Without further ado, I will give you the specs.

1st floor:
The doctors office features many details, including a waiting room, cheek up room, and a skeleton. Next door is the post office, with the many mail boxes and plenty of letters scattered around the place.

2nd floor: The gamers apartment is a cozy, modern styled place where you can record games, display your trophies,and go to sleep after a long day. Hidden behind one of the shelves is an abandoned apartment, featuring an old organ, carpet, and a torn up sofa.

3rd floor: The final level of the apartment is styled the same way, withe the kitchen, Laundry machines, and the bath room. There is also the incomplete old room with mysterious statues.

There is also a roof with a roof light and a small garden.

Other details: There are 3 minifies, a Gamer, a post office manager, and a pedestrian. This model contains 2,454 pieces, and is comparable with the other modular buildings. 

Please do tell me what you think by filling in the survey and letting me know in the comments down below. Also, Please follow us and support my other projects!  THANKS!

This model was built be Danthelegoman.
This model was rendered be R2rules.

Keep Building!

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