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Minimalist Art

This set includes a variety of LEGO pieces that can be used to create minimalist-type compositions. There are blocks in different colors and in different varieties, as well as flat squares, rectangles, and circles to complex compositions.
The set is designed for builders of all ages and skill levels. Also you can use this set to study visual arts, such as studying composition.

Frame and Canvas: This set includes white ~160 pieces to create a sturdy frame with a canvas measuring 128mm wide, 192mm high, and 230mm diagonally. The canvas is equipped with 24 2x2 flat plates with studs, giving you the freedom to express your creativity.

Bricks - paints: This set includes a large number of different colorful parts to realize any artist’s idea.

  • Part for hanging a picture on the wall

  • Pull-out part for placing a picture on a table. Has two angles of inclination

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