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LEGO Touchdown!


LEGO Touchdown! pays tribute to the fans, the stadiums, and the unique touchdown celebrations across the National Football League. This starter set includes iconic scenes from three NFL stadiums, each designed on a 16-by-16 grid:

  • In Green Bay, they're doing the Lambeau Leap.
  • In Pittsburgh, they're waving their Terrible Towels.
  • And in Dallas, the world-famous cheerleaders are leading the celebration!

Each scene includes 10 LEGO minifigure fans and 1 football player. The Dallas scene also includes 4 cheerleaders. As an added bonus, the reverse side of each scene faithfully recreates the exterior of each stadium: Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, and AT&T Stadium in Dallas.

I'm fully aware of the potential licensing issues, which is why the teams are unnamed and the uniforms are generic. Let's push this project to 10,000 votes and then let LEGO marketing take over from there!

For some extra fun, give the names of your favorite football cities in the Comments area. With enough support, I'll add new stadiums and LEGO Touchdown! celebration scenes based on your votes!

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