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Medieval Market


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As you go over the bridge you enter into a classic medieval market. This market has all the details you'd expect from a market in the 15th century. Up on the hill, you will find a watermill harnessing the power of Mother Nature from the nearby creek. Around the plaza area, you will see a grocery store and the town's blacksmith. At the grocery store, you will find all the produce from the area, sold by a friendly local farmer. In the blacksmiths workshop, you will find a forge, finished swords and shields, and the blacksmiths current project; a sword for the high king. In the plaza, you will find friendly salesmen selling bows and arrows, as well as additional food from the grocery store. A path from the entrance of the plaza leads around to the back of the buildings, where there is additional entrances to the shops. Both the grocery store owner and the blacksmith live above their shops. The marketplace is surrounded by lush greenery and large trees, with fresh water from the creek. On your way out of the market place, you may pass a farmer bringing in even more produce from his farm to sell at the busy shops. I was inspired to build this because I knew I could incorporate incredible building technics into this creation. The nature and stone work were very fun to do and use advanced technics. The Medieval Market would make a great Lego set because of the unique and advanced technics, and because of what it offers as a display piece. The build also has more than meets the eye in the interiors and story around it. This creation is also set in a rural medieval setting, which is a nice contrast to the mainstream medieval castles and cities. Overall, I think this build would be a great addition to the Lego Ideas theme, and would make a great display piece.

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