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Modular Space Station

Experience life in the future with this home in the stars!

This build includes 5 main sections of a space station, including a laboratory, airlock, storage unit, living quarters and space farm, as well as 4 end panels/airlock doors, and one centre and corner capsule. It is fully modular, with a simple and effective locking system that allows you to customise the station into many unique configurations. All the roofs of each section can be removed for easy access, and the station comes on easily-detachable legs for display, so you can imagine it floating in space, or landed on the surface of a new planet!

Here's a quick breakdown of some of the main sections:
  • The high-tech laboratory contains a microscope, computer screen and telescope, as well as a range of other scientific equipment
  • The living quarters module contains 3 beds stood against the wall, and space for personal possessions on the opposite side
  • The storage unit is equipped with cupboards and coolers, as well as shelves of food and other necessary equipment for a life in space
  • The farm is home to the water filtration system and a plant bed for growing food

The project also includes nods to the classic space line, with the original blue spacesuits for the minifigures and a golden astronaut bust hidden inside. The piece count comes in just under the limit at 2971 bricks.

Thanks for any support, and have a great day :)

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