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Throne Room

What is it?
You have been summoned to come to the royal throne room.  The king and queen request your presence immediately.  Perhaps you are the jester who has been called in to entertain them.  Perhaps you are a knight who is given his next quest.  Perhaps you are a princess who is given an important task of sharing charity with the common people.  Whatever the task may be, the king and queen would like for you to join them.

This set is a royal throne room.  Featuring two magnificent thrones for the king and queen, this room emphasizes the splendor and majesty of the royal court.  This set contains 933 pieces, is 6.3" long, 5.0" deep, 4.2" high, weighs 18.6 ounces, and sits on a 16x40 footprint.  It comes with three minifigs - the king, the queen, and the jester (with two juggling balls) - along with two knight statues.  Also, except for the red carpet area in front of the thrones, there are no visible studs in the build.  I think it gives it a cleaner look.  (The red carpet has studs to allow minifigs to stand before the king and queen.)  The room also keeps an immaculate appearance by being symmetrical and by highlighting the red and white color scheme of the kingdom's coat of arms.

Why did you build it?
I built it because I was inspired to build the king's throne.  I wanted to make it as detailed as possible even though it was a small build.  Then I decided to add the queen's throne.  I made sure that both thrones were similar but also different.  The king's throne uses more straight lines whereas the queen's throne uses more slopes and curves.  The room then grew up around the thrones.

Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?
I think that this would make a great LEGO set because there are already plenty of fans of the LEGO castle theme.  Also, there is a lot of detail packed into this scene.  The building process for this set - especially for the thrones - is very enjoyable.  Plus, the builder can then imagine what the different audiences with the king and queen would be like.

Come to the royal throne room and then spread the word on behalf of the king and queen.  "Hear ye, hear ye, people of LEGO Kingdom.  The King and Queen request your vote to support their throne room to become an official set!  Come show your loyalty and pledge your vote today."

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