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Ninjago: The Grundle


The Idea:

The Grundle or Dromaeosaurid Theropod Grundalicus is a dinosaur-like creature in the world of Ninjago. It was featured multiple times in the Ninjago TV show, most notably in the Episode "Child's Play". After seeing the Episode, I thought the Grundle would be a cool Lego set and could be a fine addition to every Ninjago collection.

In the TV show the Grundle is a prehistoric beast which is now extinct. But Lord Garmadon uses his Mega Weapon to revive him to hunt the Ninja. While doing this, the Ninja are turned into children and have a hard time fighting the Grundle.

Important features in the set:

  • The Grundle is posable on arms,legs, tail and head
  • His body is very spiky like in the TV show
  • Red and orange coloration

The Minifigures:

Lloyd Garmadon is included in his child version, because the transformation of Lloyd from child into an adult is a very important part of the episode that features the Grundle. It was also never possible to get Lloyd in this version, although he was like this in the TV show for a very long time.

As possible additional Minifigures the Ninja (Kai, Zane, Jay and Cole)are included in their kid-version, because the episode deals with there transformation into children. The Ninjas kid-versions have bigger eyes to look younger and have a shocked or screaming expression as an hommage to the scene in whitch the Ninja realize they are kids and start screaming.

The Ninja are equipt with "Illuma-swords", which are a parody on Star Wars Lightsabers. In the show the Ninja try to fight the Grundle with these, because his weakness is light.


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